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Cooking & Mixology Classes

Cooking & Mixology Class-Around the World Series
Wednesday, October 18th   Fibromyalgia Cooking Class
Thursday October 19th    Oktoberfest (German cuisine)

   Back to back classes are coming your way!!!!!  On October 18th, Roxane will be hosting a class with recipes to help you with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain. She will help you understand and learn ways to prevent pain and fatigue with eating right and helping you to know what foods to avoid.
   After Roxane’s brief introduction, you will join Scott in the kitchen and learn how to make recipes like “Pan roasted salmon with lentil pilaf”, “Curry roasted cauliflower with flaxseeds”, and “Kona berry chicken pesto”. You will also learn how to make “Tarragon & lemon chicken soup”, “Chickpea salad”, and for dessert, “red velvet macaroons”. You will also have the opportunity to taste a “Raspberry & green tea smoothie”, a “Leprechanu Protein smoothie”, and a “Turmeric tea”.
Cost is $30.00 and starts at 5:45. (hands-on class). $10 discount for both classes

On October 18th we will be teaching you traditional German cuisine and celebrating Oktoberfest.    
We will be starting the evening with “Goulash and Brats” while enjoying some German beer & Gluhwein”.
During the class, you will enjoy recipes like “Jagerschnitzel (breaded pork with mushroom sauce)”, “Spaetzle (German pasta)”,
Kürbis-Ingwersüppchen mit Schwarzwaldschinken (Pumpkin soup with Black Forest  ham)”, and a “Cool kraut salad”.    
We will also be preparing these traditional recipes “Zweibelkuchen (onion pie)”, “Sauerkraut Soup”,  and for dessert “Black Forest Cake”.
**Our cocktail selection will consist of a “Stuttgart gimlet”, and a “Munich sour”.  
This will be a hands on course, so bring your aprons!!! Samples of all drinks & foods created will be available for your enjoyment. 
 The class will be held at 11712 E. Boone Ave in the Spokane Valley and starts at 5:45 P.M. and last until 8:30 P.M.. You must be 21 years of age or older.
The cost is $45.00 per person. Class size is limited.
Take both classes for $65.00 (a $10.00 discount)
Please RSVP @ 509-939-4527 or by email


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