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Friday’s lunches and dinners were a big “hit”, serving 55 guests. Thank you for the support and we are very pleased to help you with great tasting meals through this lock down. If you are interested in Monday’s meal, please make your order by mid-day Sunday. Both Monday’s panna cotta and Tuesday’s spicy Mexican mousse have to set over night, so it is a possibility that last minute orders will not be filled. Like toilet paper, don’t be left empty handed.  Stay safe and healthy.

This week’s lunch & dinner to-go

Monday, March 30th

***Ground Beef & Four Cheese Lasagna, Our homemade marinara sauce with ground beef, sausage, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and Italian seasoning is layered with pasta, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, & cottage cheese.

Includes a garlic roll, Caesar salad, and
 “Homemade espresso panna cotta”.  

(Vegetarian & gluten free available

***Egg salad lettuce wraps are available all days for our vegetarians. Gluten free and dairy free options available. Call for more information.

$10.00 Per Meal  (Check or Cash please for small orders)
**(free delivery for 4 or more orders)**
**($2.00 delivery charge per meal for 3 or less orders)**

Call Scott at least 2 hours before delivery @ 509-939-4527
Monday, March 30th  11:00 to 6:00

Tuesday, March 31st     Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday, April 1st    Beef Stroganoff
Thursday, April 2nd      Chicken Curry
Friday, April 3rd            Pulled pork sandwiches

  Special requests for lunches?????

Send us an email with your choices.

 ***If you would like to be on the weekly email list to receive the lunch specials each week, email us at:

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