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Cooking & Mixology Classes

Wednesday, July 11th   Cancer Prevention Info & Cooking Class
Thursday, July 12th    Chillin & Grillin Cooking Class

   Two great classes are coming your way!!!!!  On Wednesday, July 11th, Roxane will be hosting a class with recipes to help you with cancer prevention. Yes, the foods you eat and the way you run your life are huge reasons why people get cancer.  Roxane will guide you and help you learn ways to prevent cancer by eating right and avoiding conditions that may create cancer.
We will start class with lite appetizers, “tomato, smoked salmon, and organic greens stacks”, and kale chips, while enjoying a “turmeric & cinnamon Masala chai” and “Kombucha”.
   Following Roxane’s brief introduction, you will join Scott, Roxane, Alyssa, and Kathy in the kitchen and learn how to make recipes like “Triple citrus ginger wild salmon”, “Baked chicken with minted chimichurri”, “Berry lemon applesauce”, and  “The ultimate detox salad”. You will also learn how to make “Triple greens frittata”, “Ginger & turmeric aromatic quinoa”, and a “Pea salad”. For dessert, we will be serving Scott’s creation, a “cherry pie with pecan, Brazilian nut, & date crust”. There will also be hot tea, coffee & a “Dairy-free mango coconut milk smoothie” for you to enjoy.
Cost is $30.00 and starts at 5:45. (hands-on class). $10 discount for taking both classes
On July 12th, we are staying with tradition and hosting a BBQ class, “chillin & grillin”. This year we will be recreating our favorite recipes over the last 5 years during our July classes. We will be starting the evening with “Grilled guacamole and roasted tomatillo salsa with chips”, and “Bruschetta with strawberries & tomatoes”, while enjoying beer, wine, and our first cocktail, “Spiked sweet tea”.

During class we will be creating recipes such as “Grilled gazpacho”,  “LeRoy’s famous ribs”, “Grilled pizzas”, and “Grilled smoky vegetables with avocado & goat cheese”. You will also enjoy “Watermelon salad with feta & mint”, “Grilled maple glazed wild salmon”, “Armadillo Eggs”, and  a “California cobb salad”. For our dessert, “Grilled pound cake with a cherry topping”. We will also be serving a “Vodka mojito”, and a “Rootbeer float”. This will be a hands on course, so bring your aprons!!! Samples of all drinks & foods created will be available for your enjoyment. 
 The class will be held at 11712 E. Boone Ave in the Spokane Valley and starts at 5:45 P.M. and last until 8:30 P.M.  You must be 21 years of age or older.
Cost is $50.00 per person. Class size is limited. Both classes for $70.00 (a $10.00 discount)
Please RSVP @ 509-939-4527 or by email

Upcoming classes
July 11th         Cancer Prevention

July 12th         Backyard BBQ
August 15th    Asthma
August 16th  Patio party

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